Nothing beats a fresh, fragrant bread loaf warm from the oven. Here you will find two kinds of bread recipes: quick breads and yeasted breads. New to breadmaking? Allow me:

Quick bread is made with baking powder/soda and includes recipes like cornbread, zucchini bread, and Irish soda bread. I’ve also added “bready” baked treats like muffins and scones to this section.

Yeasted bread is a bread that, of course, uses yeast as its leavening agent. There are some truly yeasted bread recipes you simply must try, like these “Cracked Out” soft pretzels, Garlic knots, and these homemade English muffins.

Check out the bread ideas below and get baking!

Looking for something specific? Browse these sub-categories to find the perfect recipe!

Bread Baking Basics

If you’re new to bread baking, it can be tricky to know where to start. These easy and classic homemade bread recipes are the perfect place to find your breadmaking feet.

My Latest Homemade Bread

From focaccia to brioche, there’s always a new and exciting bread recipe coming out of the Cookies and Cups oven. Discover the latest and greatest below.

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